August 19, 2011

Belanga Restaurant

Restoran Belanga - one of the places that my friends and I went for break-fasting during Ramadhan 2011 1432 Hijrah fasting month. We came here because of the good review from a blog and shared by my friend. The restaurant is located at Midvalley Megamall.

Well, I'm had a delicious Nasi Dagang with Ikan Tuna. For me, this is the second best nasi dagang in Klang Valley (after the one in Taman Melawati / Wangsa Maju). Restoran Belanga also recognized it as their signature dishes. The gravy itself has the taste of sour and spicy a bit, to make it completely mouth-watering with the tasteful of the tuna or tongkol fish. My friend, Miza, also had the same dish but with Ikan Tongkol.


On the other hand, Mizi ate Nasi Kerabu with Beef. It came with the uniquely sweet and sour condiment. The beef are perfectly cooked and that makes the dishes so fine and exquisitely satisfying.

Riz, who joined us yesterday ordered Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah. What makes this nasi lemak so special is that the rice is green in colour. :p Not to forget, the chicken is so good with all the spices that were added when cooking it and sambal is a must when you are eating nasi lemak. ;)

Pojan, however, ordered a simple one - Nasi Goreng Belacan. It came with two chicken wings and keropok, to make it worth with its price. FYI, Pojan is the person who will give a comment straight-away either the food is good or bad. Surprisely when he ate all of it without make any remarks, to prove that the belacan fried rice is in its own level of delicious and tasty, and enough to keep him silent :p haha..~

Last but not least, we were recommended to try Ice Teller. Believe me, it's surprisingly delicious! One of the blogger said "It's so delicious and you will be crying while eating". It was bursting flavours of jackfruit, buah kabong, avocado & coconut. Try it out.

Trust me; it's all worth for every penny. Bon appetite!

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